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2021 RunMaccFest

Unfortunately, there will be no RunMaccFest in 2021.

However, we are hoping to be back in 2022.


Charity Donations

Run Macc Fest is proud to support our local community and strives to donate as much as possible from the funds made from the events. Each year local charities have been selected to have a share in this money. Over the years the races success has meant a total of over £176,000 has been donated. This is from the race organisation, individual runners have been sponsored and raised their own money, which is not included in this total.

2020 RunMaccFest Charity Challenge success

When the 2020 RunMaccFest was cancelled, we decided to set up the charity challenge so that our charity partners would not suffer when they needed our support the most.

As a result of the fantastic support we received from the local community, businesses and Macclesfield Harriers and Athletic Club, we are delighted to announce that we have been able to now donate £4000 to each of our charity partners, Just Drop-In, The Rossendale Trust and Cre8.


Our supporters clocked up over 15,000km during the challenge, including a Bob Graham Round and an ultra-adventure from the Tan Hill Inn to the Cat and Fiddle, linking the two highest pubs in England.

With many challenges still to face we hope that our donations can help them to continue the amazing work they do in our community. 


Thank you to each and everyone of you that ran, donated and supported the event. It really means a lot to us.

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Macclesfield Leisure Centre,

Priory Lane, Macclesfield.

SK10 4AF


'RunMaccFest is open to everyone, and has a race for everyone! Whether it is a Fun Run or even our challenging

Half-Marathon - come along and join the biggest community

event in Macclesfield'

- Mandy Calvert (Race Organiser)

You can buy a commemorative Macc Half poster from Jonny Fellrunner - click on the image to visit his website.

We've also put together a gallery of T-shirt designs over the years - how many do you have?

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